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Duo Sofa
Sofa  in polyrattan

Dimensions:  135 x 135 x 80 cm

Average retail price: 929 EUR
Our price: 623 EUR
Product description
Average retail price = the price of this item at other retailers
Our price = all taxes included, delivery costs not included.

1. Product Description |  2. Delivery leadtime

|   3. Production

1. Product description:

Sofa in polyrattan on aluminium frame.
This cosy nest will be the host of relaxing sunsets.

2. Delivery leadtime:

As soon as we close ordering process, a production run will begin at our partner’s factory.
A typical production run is around 45 days. After production, the goods are sent by sea freight to our logistics hub in Europe. From there, they will be dispatched towards your doorstep.
Sea freight will take approximately 30 days and the last step of transportation, by truck will take 15 days.
In all, a maximum of 90 days from production to your door.

3. Production:

Factory location: My Tho, Vietnam.

This company produces furniture with synthetic and natural rattan as well as from water hyacinth. This production is typical of this river delta region. Workers here are experts in the art of weaving and have the additional motivation of knowing that the use of water hyacinth in making furniture reduces the encroachment that this plant is exerting on the region’s rivers.

As a matter of fact, water hyacinth is very harmful to it’s environment as it covers all the surface of lakes and rivers making fishing and travelling on water ways impossible. The quality of water is affected as the sun rays cannot get through this thick layer of floating vegetation.

The use of water hyacinth not only provides work for the populations of the Mekong Delta, it also reduces the impact of this noxious plant on the bio-diversity of the region.

Main export markets: Northern Europe, Australia, México, United States and Canada.

High-end and designer furniture delivered at your doorstep with factory prices.
We deliver your furniture to Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.